100% Guaranteed, Lice Free in 60 Minutes, Same-day Appointments, Safe, Pesticide-Free Head Lice and Nit treatment.
Mobile Lice Treatment and Lice Removal in Portland, OR
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Private, In-Home Head Lice and Nit Treatment Service with a 30-Day Protection Guarantee

Rapid-reponse lice removal with personalized one-on-one service that relieves the stress of life with lice.

30-Days of Protection: If lice come back, we come back for free.

Our lice removal does not require:

  • Harmful chemicals, toxins, or pesticides
  • Worrying about lice coming back (You are covered for 30-Days)
  • Spending hours in a public treatment facility
  • Compromising your privacy: Zero advertising on our vehicles

Appointments Available Mon - Sun | 6am - 11:30pm

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"Lice Charmers knows what they're doing and have the reviews to show for it!"
Jamie - Mother of two in Milwaukee, OR
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How We Treat for Lice & Nits
 In-Home Treatment Session

1. Set an Appointment

Evening and weekend appointments - avoid missing work and get the kids back in school or aftercare asap.

2. Diagnose

We methodically screen for lice or nits because one missed louse or viable nit can lead to a failed treatment.

3. Treat

The Lice Charmers' combing system kills every louse and nit in a single treatment.

4. Educate

Learn how to avoid reinfestation, treat your home, and spot lice before they can spread.

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What Our Customers Say
"I was so glad to have a mobile option that was able to give us peace of mind in our own home. I can't recommend Lice Charmers enough!"
Lee Ann - Portland, OR
"Called Lice Charmers and Lex was able to come out later that day and was nothing short of a godsend."
Jenna - Portland, OR
"Thank you Lice Charmers! I work with kids and have encountered lice a couple of times. I would highly recommend this service! So worth it!"
Samantha - Beaverton, OR
  Click to read our awesome reviews!

Click to read our awesome reviews!

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In-Home Lice Removal Pricing


We only offer in-home lice removal because we believe it is the best option for busy families that want fast, guaranteed, and private treatment.

  • $90 per hour billed in 15-minute increments.
  • Treatment time varies depending on hair type, length, and duration of infestation.
  • One hour minimum treatment and a travel charge of $40 may apply.
  • Call us so we can give you more personalized info based on your situation.

Discount available for OHP families. Call for more info.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, FSA, and HSA.

Also included:

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Lice-Free Certificate to show to schools and daycares
  • Education and guidance on what works to prevent infestation and make your home lice-free

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