100% Guaranteed, Lice Free in 60 Minutes, Same-day Appointments, Safe, Pesticide-Free Head Lice and Nit treatment.
 Lex Charriere - Co-Owner and Lice Technician

Lex Charriere - Co-Owner and Lice Technician

Private & Professional In-Home Lice Treatment Service

Fast, safe, 100% effective, and backed up by the best 30-day guarantee in town.

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Dear Stressed Out Parents,

I'd like to share with you the best method for treating head lice.

It has two simple ingredients:

My expert combing method combined with a conditioning hair oil.

Here's how it works:

Combing removes all the live lice and kills nits.

The oil immobilizes adult lice for easier removal and smothers young lice and nits that are too small for the comb to capture, and reduces painful pulling on the hair.

Because my treatments are so reliable, they include a 30-Day Guarantee: If lice come back, from anywhere, I come back and treat you for free.

I charge by the hour, so you only pay for as much treatment as you need and no more.

Whether it's your first time with lice or you're a weary veteran, I'd like to show you that lice treatment can be comfortable, convenient, healthy, and completely private - without busting your budget.

Lex Charriere, Co-Owner & Lice Technician

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My Service Does Not:

  • Require time-consuming aftercare, expensive and unproven products, or unnecessary devices.
  • Compromise your privacy: there is zero advertising on our vehicles.
  • Require hours in a public lice facility.
  • Use any pesticides or toxins to eradicate lice and nits.
"Lice Charmers knows what they're doing and have the reviews to show for it!"
Jamie - Mother of two in Milwaukee, OR

How Does Our Lice Service Work?

1. During Your Call (or Text)
  • A lice expert will schedule your in-home appointment and provide expert answers and guidance.
2. Before Your Appointment
  • Your lice technician will contact you before she arrives in an advertising-free vehicle.
  • Your tech will check everyone for lice and share the results before starting treatment.
3. During Treatment
  • The Lice Charmer's Combing Method eliminates the infestation without harmful chemicals, time-consuming aftercare, or expensive second check-ups.
  • And, our 30-Day Guarantee provides free retreatment for your family in the rare case of re-exposure or treatment failure.
4. After Treatment
  • Each appointment includes a lice-free certificate to show your work, school, or daycare.
  • Our post-treatment handout includes useful info on post-treatment itching, school and daycare no-nit policies, how to prevent reinfestation, and more.
  • No combing, products, or further appointments are necessary.
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 In-Home Treatment Session
What Our Customers Say
"I was so glad to have a mobile option that was able to give us peace of mind in our own home. I can't recommend Lice Charmers enough!"
Lee Ann - Portland, OR
"Called Lice Charmers and Lex was able to come out later that day and was nothing short of a godsend."
Jenna - Portland, OR
"Thank you Lice Charmers! I work with kids and have encountered lice a couple of times. I would highly recommend this service! So worth it!"
Samantha - Beaverton, OR
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  Click to read our awesome reviews!

Click to read our awesome reviews!

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In-Home Lice Removal Pricing


$90 per hour billed in 15-minute increments, plus a $40 travel charge with one-hour minimum appointment.

Average Cost by Hair Style/Length

3-Inches or Shorter: $30-45
Between 3 and 6-Inches: $45-60
Shoulder-Length: $90
Mid-Back: $90-135

Treatment for a family of four averages $260 total, including travel fee.

Please Note: Treatment time varies depending on hair type and how long you've had lice. Call to get more details based on your situation.

Discount available for OHP families. Call for more info.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, FSA, and HSA.

Also included:

  • Lice-Free Certificate to show to schools and daycares
  • Education and guidance on what works to prevent infestation and make your home lice-free

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