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Lice Charmers vs Lice Doctors

How Do We Compare?
Lice Doctors
1st Hour + Travel $199 $130
Addl. Hours $99/hr $90/hr
Average Cost 4 People $300-450 $220
Aftercare Routine 3-Week Routine of 8-Hour Olive Oil Soaks & Combing None
Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days
Employee Status Contractors Full-Time
All figures accurate as of 1/6/2019 Reference: Lice Doctor's Pricing & Guarantee Details
100% Effective In-Home Lice Removal for One Family at a Time.

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No commissioned employees.
No second appointments required.
No aftercare
No tricky guarantee terms and...

No Need to Leave the Comfort & Privacy of Your Home.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Rachel I. Portland, OR
Omg this was amazing!! I was about to burn down my house and shave all our heads when I discovered lice in my daughters hair but found this company instead and Lex talked me out of it. Lex answered my text at 11:00 pm and immediately made me feel better and took all panic away. She came over the next day and it was like chatting with a friend! Seriously. Read more...
I knew I was in good hands when she asked me about the drama I had with my neighbor. It was awesome. My husband was super self conscious at first and was very uncomfortable to have someone “picking at him” but Lex came in and put him at ease. She is very professional and knowledgeable and is EXTREMELY thourough. No one wants anything born on their heads but Lex actually made the experience fun. Yes, fun. Our family laughed and was able to bond over this horrific ordeal I dreaded since I gave life to two girls with hair on their heads because Lex took all the stress away. I was so overwhelmed but being lice free after ONE treatment was worth every penny. Lex even took her time to show me how to check since she knew I was traumatized and paranoid over this outbreak. The night before I couldn’t sleep because I swear I could hear the lice building condos and chewing my flesh but after Lex came I slept so well knowing nothing was being laid or born on my head.
Jennifer B. West Linn, OR
Lex came to my rescue after three days of trying to fight lice on my own with the usual over the counter and home remedies. Unfortunately none of them were working. Read more...
I was getting frustrated and scared that the lice may be spreading and felt like I just wasn't having any success. My other options (prescription treatment, going to a salon) were extremely lengthy and expensive. I found Lice Charmers and called them. They were extremely helpful and prompt. Within a few hours Lex showed up at my house and went to work! She quickly and efficiently combed through my daughter's hair and checked the rest of the family. She also was extremely knowledgable and helpful at how to get rid of them in the house and debunking a lot of misinformation you will find on the internet. My family was quickly lice free! And she did it all in two hours which meant it was very affordable, and money well spent! I would not waste any time with lice and call Lex first!
Jamie Q. Milwaukee, OR
Lex is a superhero! Just had the most stress-free, educational, pleasant, and convenient afternoon of delousing. Read more...
My children feel like they've had a combination salon treatment/ science lesson, and now we can all go back to school with confidence! I do not have time to experiment with 3- star options; Lice Charmers knows what they're doing and have the reviews to show for it!
Carolyn F. Portland, OR
Found a nit on my daughter’s head at 6:30 on a Saturday night. Found Lex online and texted her at 6:40. She was at our house 20 minutes later! 7 o’clock on a Saturday night, people! Read more...
She took care of all 4 of us, was great with the kids, and was just a pleasure to have in our home. Highly recommend!
Sarah H. Portland, OR
We had a very positive experience when one of our kids needed treatment. They came immediately, checked everyone in the house, and gave excellent advice. Lex was fast and professional and great with my kids. Read more...
She even brought little thank you gifts-tattoos and a bath bomb to say thanks for the business. No chemicals. HIGHLY recommend!
Christina P. Portland, OR
Not only did everyone in my house get treated and feel good about the process, but were put at ease knowing another treatment within 30 days would be on them if we found any more. Read more...
It was so nice having my family treated in the comfort of our home, too. I wish I had done this several self treatments ago.
Leah S. Sandy, OR
We had been dealing with lice for over 3 years. I finally gave in and called in the Lice Charmers. Not one little nit has been seen since. Totally worth the money!!! Read more...
I had tried at least 5 different types of treatments and had spent so much time and money trying to get those little pests completely out of my daughters’ hair.
Tami F. Portland, OR
When my 3-year-old picked up lice from daycare, I was thoroughly grossed out, wanted to get rid of them ASAP, and felt very thankful that Lex could come the same day we called. Read more...
Convenient to be able to get treated at our own house (where my wiggly toddler could be comfy and watch cartoons at the same time), plus Lex was super-thorough, friendly, and helpful with tips. Highly recommend!
Brittany R. Portland, OR
Amazing service! Can't recommend it enough! Lexi was efficient and knowledgeable. I will be able to sleep tonight.

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