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Professional Lice Treatment in Portland, OR

Portland's Super Lice Treatment with Guaranteed Peace of Mind

With 30-Days of Guaranteed Protection from head lice, you can go through your day without worrying about the dreaded itch coming back.

If you get lice again, from anywhere, we come back for free.

Our lice removal does not require:

  • Harmful chemicals, toxins, or pesticides
  • Worrying about lice coming back (You are covered for 30-Days)
  • Spending hours in a public treatment facility
  • Compromising your privacy: Zero advertising on our vehicles

Instead of hours in a salon or clinic, relax at home, watch netflix or the kids can catch up on their homework (or chores) while you all become lice-free.

Our method is so effective and reliable that we guarantee it works or we'll return 100% of your payment.

Appointments Available Mon - Sun | 6am - 11:30pm

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 Lex Charriere - Head Lice Technician and Co-Owner

Lex Charriere - Our #1 Head Lice Technician

  Click to check out our awesome reviews!

Click to check out our awesome reviews!

What Are Moms Saying About Us?

"Lex came to my rescue after three days of trying to fight lice on my own with the usual over the counter and home remedies.

Unfortunately none of them were working. I was getting frustrated and scared that the lice may be spreading and felt like I just wasn't having any success.

My other options (prescription treatment, going to a salon) were extremely lengthy and expensive. I found Lice Charmers and called them.

They were extremely helpful and prompt. Within a few hours Lex showed up at my house and went to work! She quickly and efficiently combed through my daughter's hair and checked the rest of the family. She also was extremely knowledgable and helpful at how to get rid of them in the house and debunking a lot of misinformation you will find on the internet.

My family was quickly lice free! And she did it all in two hours which meant it was very affordable, and money well spent!

I would not waste any time with lice and call Lex first!"

Jen - West Linn, OR
Call 503-505-6695Text

Our Comprehensive Lice & Nit Killing Method

1. Set an Appointment
Our evening and weekend appointments help you avoid missing work and get the kids back in school or aftercare the next day.

2. Diagnose
Every patient is methodically screened for any lice or nits because one missed louse or viable nit can lead to a failed treatment.

3. Treat
A professional nit picker uses the Lice Charmers' combing system to kill every louse and nit in a single treatment.

4. Educate
Learn how to avoid reinfestation, treat your home, and spot lice before they can spread.

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""Lice Charmers was amazing! With a lice outbreak at school, I was so glad to have a mobile option that was able to give us peace of mind in our own home. I can't recommend Lice Charmers enough!"
Lee Ann - Portland, OR

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